Minutes - Oct 2021 Business Meeting

Knights of Columbus Council 13139

Business (General) Meeting

Oct 20, 2021

Note: Minutes of our Business Meetings are supplied to all members of the council for review and comment. The minutes will not be read at the next regular meeting unless requested by a member. Please direct all corrections and additions to Jim Hildebrand jrpah@comcast.net

Recorders Note: This was a “stay at home’ meeting conducted over ZOOM.

  • Pre - Meeting.

  • Officers Roll Call

  • All Officers were present except for the Inside Guard, and 1st and 3rd year Trustees. The Deputy Grand Knight and Chancellor positions are open.

  • Chaplain Report -

  • The meeting was opened and closed with a prayer.

  • Guests and Dignitaries

  • Grand Knight Report:

  • Correspondence:

  • Report:

  • Jeff’s 500 Miles for Kid’s Wheelchairs

  • Jeff has completed the 500 miles.

  • Over $22K has been collected to date. We are expecting an article in the Florida Catholic that may help contributions.

  • Highlights from the GK chat with Father Don are:

  • The GK thanked Fr D for the great article about Brother Bielski in the Parish Magazine

  • Wheelchair Sunday was a great success

  • We can start the Fellowship Breakfast, a Nov 7th date was proposed. (Note- we are now planning on the first Sunday in Dec).

  • We offered the Parish a wheelchair, however, Fr D declined for reasons of liability.

  • Fr D is agreeable for us to restart the Rosary before the 4:30 and 8:00 Masses. He requests we finish 10 minutes before Mass begins.

  • Fr D had no opinion on the Columbiettes.

  • We discussed the upcoming Buffet Breakfast

  • A Continental style breakfast was considered to keep things a little simpler as we get the Breakfast started. It was rejected, however, do to concerns over amounts to buy, how to charge, number of people attending if free etc. Plan is to pursue our usual full breakfast from the start.

  • We will target the first Sunday in December for the first breakfast. We need the extra time to organize. Also, a December start will allow for an in person Council meeting before the breakfast to help organize the effort.

  • The GK asked for someone to take the lead on this effort, but it was generally felt that we haven’t really had a lead in the past, and that those that work the breakfast know what they need to do. Loss of several key helpers, however, may put this approach in jeopardy.

  • The GK requested that, at the least, someone inventory our supples in our parish Hall cabinet.

  • Both our November Officers Planning Meeting and Business Meeting will be held in person in the Parish Hall.

  • Joe McGivney has volunteered to coordinate presentation of the Knight and Family of the Month awards to recipients.

  • The GK will check into if we are conducting a Christmas Party with the council at St Jude and the 4th degree.

  • Upcoming events

  • Officers Meeting Report

  • No motions were passed at the Officers Meeting.

  • Financial Secretary Report:

  • Financials

  • revenues ~ $5,562

  • expenses ~ $7242

  • In Treasury ~ $10,529

  • $922 checks from our Tootsie Roll collection were made out for ELS and ARC

  • Trustees -

  • Deputy Grand Knight and Director Reports:

  • Faith*:

  • “Knight of the Month” - Jeff Kotansky

  • Rosary Initative - We have targeted the start of the Rosary Initiative for Nov 14th at the 8 AM Mass. Brother Colon is coordinating the start.

  • Life*:

  • Family*

  • “Family of the Month” -

  • Community*-

  • Food for Families-

  • First Breakfast planned for first Sunday in December

  • Tootsie Roll Drive -

  • JTAA Christmas Parade - The JTAA will have a Christmas parade this year, 12/12. Candy can not be handed out this year due to Covid concerns..

  • Throw Competition-

  • Good of the Order:

  • Recruiting/Retention

  • Exemplifications

  • Standing Committees

  • Fund Raising -

  • Roger Dean Stadium -.

  • Jupiter Jubilee -

  • BBQ-

  • 4th Degree Report -

  • District Deputy Report -

  • Field Agent Report -

  • New Business - .

  • Motion-

Jim Hildebrand