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John and Marie Drake are Family of the Month.

John and Marie Drake are the Council's Family of the Month. John and Marie are active members of our Council and the Parish. They are moving to Enterprise Alabama in April, and we want to thank them for their service and wish them luck in this next phase of their life.

John has been a Knight since 2003. As a Knight he has held various positions including Recorder, Chancellor, Financial Secretary and Grand Knight. John was instrumental in developing and initiating the Council Pancake Breakfast, and served as its Chairman for several years. Once a month John faithfully shopped for and purchased all of the food and supplies for the breakfast.

John is a 4th degree Knight, and helped establish our local Assembly 3299. He has served as the faithful Pilot, Faithful Captain, and Faithful Navigator of that organization.

John and Maire are also very active members of St Peter Parish. For the last ten years, Marie has taken on the Ministry to bringing the Mass Liturgy to children 3 to 10 years old during Sunday 9:30 AM Mass. John has been an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion for 25 years and brings the Eucharist to Catholic patents at Jupiter Hospital every Sunday.

Thank you John and Marie, and God bless.


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