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Sodan Family Named Family of the Month for May 2020

The members of this family are not strangers to the Family of the Month. Their patriarch has been a member of the Council for ten years and has held various positions in the Knights of Columbus at all levels. His son, Karl, is the Chancellor for Council 13139 and the Faithful Scribe for the Assembly 3299. Both Bill and Karl were essential in the hosting of the Delta Church Drive to solicit new members.

But, the real star of the family in recent months has been Tina. Since late February, Tina, has focused on multiple efforts to help other people. She canned six cases of bruschetta. These were donated to Food For Families and a few more jars were made for others in need.

With the coronavirus outbreak, she studied face mask patterns and began making masks when they were not available or economical. She made over 30 masks and gave them away. These included masks for all of the residents of Hannah’s Home. She also provided masks for Food For Families workers.

She has been engaged in making baby bibs. She purchases basic bibs and adds embroidery designs to the mask to make them personal for the recipients. She has donated bibs to the Hannah Home residents, a women’s shelter in Miami, and, through the V.A. Hospital, to a special baby shower for female veterans who were having babies.

An ongoing project has been to purchase laundry soap for Hannah’s Home. So far, about 60 bottles have been acquired.

As a new project, Tina has begun embroidering the designs on the Council polo shirts. This provides a significant savings to council members. So far, sixteen shirts have been ordered and distributed. Another project is designing embroidery patterns on baby onesies for expectant mothers.

For their significant continuous contributions to the Knights of Columbus, the Council recognizes Tina, Bill, Linette, and Karl; the Sodan Family.

Their award will be presented at a future Family Fellowship Breakfast once the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

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