Business Meeting Minutes - June, 2019

Knight of Columbus Council 13139

Business (General) Meeting

June 18, 2019

Note: Minutes of our Business Meetings are supplied to all members of the council for review and comment. The minutes will not be read at the next regular meeting unless requested by a member. Please direct all corrections and additions to Jim Hildebrand

  • Officers Roll Call

  • All Officers were present except for the Chaplain, Chancellor, and 3rd Year Trustee who were excused, and the 2nd Year Trustee who was absent. The Deputy Grand Knight position is open.

  • Chaplain Report -

  • Guests and Dignitaries

  • The Field Agent, outgoing District Deputy Bill Sodan, and incoming District Deputy Billy VanKuren were present.

  • Guests-

  • Norma Reyes Gallagher received a $2500 donation from the council for the St. Vincent dePaul Society.

  • Officers Meeting Report:

  • Election of Officers:

  • The following officers ran unopposed and were elected by unanimous proclamation for the 2019-20 Fraternal year.

  • Grand Knight - Mark Mikosz

  • Deputy Grand Knight - Lou Manz

  • Chancellor - Karl Sodan

  • Recorder - Jim Hildebrand

  • Treasurer - Michael McReynolds

  • Advocate - Patrick McElhaney

  • Warden - Antonio Lippiello

  • 1st Year Trustee - Deacon Steve Scienzo

  • 2nd Year Trustee - Terry Hood

  • 3rd Year Trustee - John Placko

The inside and Outside Guard positions are open.

Installation of Officers is July 16th (takes the place of our July Business Meeting).

  • Grand Knight Report:

  • We received Tootsie Roll drive checks for ARC and Els for Autism from the state for about $980 each. Our budget includes $1000 for the drive so we can bump the checks up to $1500 each. We plan to present the check during the Sept. Breakfast. The state checks are only good for 60 days, so we will have to work around that.

  • Fr Jean’s 15th ordination anniversary party went very well with about 360 attending. Word is that about $55k was donated for his school in leogane Haiti.

  • We added two new members to the Council during our Firs Degree earlier in the month.

  • We have been informed that we no longer have (maybe never had) insurance coverage to sell alcohol. This problem is supposedly being worked at the state level, however, it seems that to get insurance we need to purchase a separate rider for each event for $300 to $600. We will check to see if we can get some sort of a bundled discount for multiple events. This issue has the potential for disrupting our good report with the city in that we may not be able to afford supporting the Friday Night Dance party events where we typically make less than $100.

  • Marie Drake is having a surprise 80th Birthday Party for John on Sat 22nd at the Yard House in PGA at 5PM. All are encouraged to attend. Brother Manz will put together some sort of a recognition accommodation for John to show our appreciation of his efforts for the council.

  • Treasurers Report:

  • ~$18,143 in the Treasury

  • Financial Secretary Report:

  • Financials

  • revenues - $1437

  • expenses - $6305

  • Trustees - no report

  • Deputy Grand Knight and Director Reports:

(* committees are “Faith in Action” activities) .

  • Faith*:

  • Altar Server Recognition -

  • Seminarian Support -

  • Before Mass Rosary -

  • Buffet Breakfast - Next Breakfast is in Sept. We will take a break during July and August.

  • Council

  • “Family of the Month” - Terry and Anna Hood

  • “Knight of the Month” -Trevor McDonald

  • Council Picnic - We are considering a sports outing in place of the picnic. One option is the “Mega Bash” at Roger Dean stadium July 3rd and/or 4th. Brother McReynolds will check into it.

  • Life*:

  • Family*

  • Community*-

  • Tootsie Roll Drive -

  • Good of the Order:

  • Membership/Retention Report - Lou Manz

  • Exemplifications

  • There is a Second Degree on July 27th at 4999.

  • Standing Committees

  • Fund Raising -

  • Roger Dean Stadium -.

  • Coastal Fest -

  • 4th Degree Report -

  • Father Wesler, Brother Mikosz, and Brother Maglio have competed their 4th degree.

  • 4th Degree Color Guard uniform design change takes effect July 1st.

  • District Deputy Report -

  • A Faith in Action initiative “Before, During and After the Storm” is looking to develop a data base of people that can be called on to help out with emergency relief after a natural disaster, especially a hurricane.

  • Field Agent Report -

  • Old Business -

  • An outstanding motion to donated $2500 to the St. Vincent dePaul Society.

  • New Business -

  • Motions -

  • Motion - Brother Manz moved and Brother Hildebrand seconded a motion to donate $2500 to the St Vincent DePaul Society. Passed : Since this motion exceeds $500, the motion was introduced during the May meeting)