Michael & Carrie Ann Barresi Family of the Month for May

This family contributes their time and talent to the Knights of Columbus and their church. Mike has been a member of the Knights of Columbus for six years and is a Third Degree knight. He is married to Carrie Ann and they have two girls: Ashland and Sarah-Kate. Ashland will be a sophomore in high school and Sarah-Kate will be entering fifth grade.

Mike has been a regular at the Council’s monthly Family Fellowship Breakfasts. Long after the last plate of pancakes has been served, you can see Mike washing the pots, pans and serving utensils. He has recruited his daughter Sarah-Kate as a volunteer at these breakfasts. Carrie Ann is a confirmation instructor with St. Peter’s Youth Ministry. Her daughter, Ashland was one of her students and has recently been confirmed.

For their significant contributions to the parish and the Knights of Columbus, the Council recognizes the Michael and Carrie Ann Barresi Family!