Mark & Norma Reyes-Gallagher Family named Family of the Month for February

This family lives out a mission that reflects the principles of the Knights of Columbus. They currently love to minister St. Vincent de Paul, and in the past, Food for Families. But, they still find time to participate in local art events and enjoy outdoor activities, including tennis and biking.

Norma S. Reyes Gallaher is a retired financial project manager, has lived in Florida for the last 15 years, and grew up in Puerto Rico. Her husband Mark is a retired banker from Chicago, where he lived most of his life. They married at St Peter Catholic Church 5 years ago and have made Jupiter their permanent residence.

They feel very blessed for the close ties and sense of community that they experience at St. Peter. When they joined St. Peter in 2013, they noticed this was a very special church, and were inspired by the parishioners’ dedication to serving others.

Norma is currently leading the St. Vincent de Paul Ministry at St. Peter, a ministry that she considers her calling, and Mark fully supports her in this endeavor. Through this ministry, the have met and assisted many local homeless individuals and families in need.

Norma is blessed with two sons, Evan (32 yrs. old) and Danny (30 yrs. old), who live and work in Miami, both in the financial industry.

For their significant contributions to the parish and the community it serves, the Council recognizes the Reyes-Gallagher family.