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We had the Honor of Leading the Procession at the Parish Hispanic Heritage Festival

Pictures from the Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration

Council Brothers participated in this years parish Hispanic Heritage Month Festival. Brothers Dan Perez and Michael McReynolds had the honor of carrying the Our Lady of Guadalupe statue during the festival procession. Brothers Paul Davisson and Tony Giglio of the 4th Degree Color Guard supplied an honorary guard for the parade. Brother Philip Colon also set up the Spanish version of our Catholic literature KIOSK. Brothers Jerry Gumbus, Terry Hood, Joe McGivney and Larry Mondorff also supported the celebration. The Hispanic Ministry has expressed their thanks to all of our Brothers that attended the festival.

The festival celebrates the various cultural heritages of our Hispanic Community. Colorful dress, dances, music, and food from the various regions that make up the community were featured. The festival is a joyous celebration, and we thank the Hispanic Ministry for inviting us to participate.

See a video of the procession below


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