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We are a STAR Council

District Deputy Richard Gallant (R) present award to Grand Knight Ken Kotansky

Each year, outstanding Knights of Columbus Councils are presented the STAR award in recognition of their achievements in the areas of growth, service, and fraternity. Obtaining the STAR designations shows that the Council is dynamic, energetic, committed to good works and protective of its Brothers. To become a star council, the requirements of three separate awards must be met.

1) The Father McGivney Award - an award that recognizes the council for growth of its membership.

2)The Columbian Award - an award that requires the council performed programs in each of our Pillars of Faith, Family, Community, and Life.

3)The Founders Award - an award that shows the Council promoted the fraternal benefits of the Knights.

Congratulations to all the members of the Council that helped us become a STAR council.

Would you like more information - please contact us here.


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