A Letter of Introduction from Our New Grand Knight

Brother Knights

A few weeks ago we lost our Grand Knight Brother Mark, due to a tragic and sudden auto accident. I was just getting to know Mark, being new to St. Peters and the Knights of Columbus. Having just recently retired, I joined the Knights in 2020 to provide more time to service and I felt a calling because of his void. Last week I was voted in as your Grand Knight to finish out the year and potentially the following year beginning July 1.

A little about myself, my roots are from Illinois, where I attended college and worked. I have been happily married for 43 years. We have four (unmarried) sons. My career began as an auditor in Chicago and then moved into technology sales in the early 80’s. I was a part of the software industry for just under 40 years and worked for industry leaders like McCormack and Dodge/Dun&Bradstreet, SAP, PeopleSoft and Teradata. My wife, Dyann retired as a middle school math teacher. Tequesta and St. Peter’s became our home/church in January of 2020. We still manage a small house on a lake in southeast Wisconsin. I can be found on LinkedIn as well. Please feel free to connect.

My goal is simple; help us, Council 13139 be an organization that we can all continue to be proud of, while at the same time helping YOU find what it was that drew you to the Knights of Columbus.

God Bless,

Ken Kotansky

Grand Knight Council 13139