Who Knew? A Free Insurance Benefit with Your Current KofC Membership!

The unfortunate death of Brother Mark Mikosz in an auto accident has reminded us of an Accidental Death Insurance Benefit that is included, without charge, with our memberships in the Knights of Columbus.
Of course we hope none of our families will ever need to claim the insurance, but if they do, it may be very helpful.
Brother Davisson has supplied the following description of the policy.
Knights of Columbus Accidental Death Benefit. Your council membership includes an accidental life insurance policy. It remains in force as long as you are a member in good standing.
If death results prior to age 65, this benefit payable is based on the member’s years of continuous membership in good standing as follows Less than two years $1,000 Two years, but less than three $1,500 Three years, but less than four $2,000 Four years or more $2,500. The benefit amount will be reduced by $500 on the member’s 65th birthday and each subsequent birthday, until the benefit amount is stabilized at $1,000. The $1,000 coverage will continue thereafter, provided the member and the member’s council are in good standing and both so reflected on the records of the Supreme Council. The spouse benefit at all times corresponds to the member’s benefit. At no time will the spouse benefit exceed the member’s benefit. Should the member predecease his wife, she shall continue to be covered thereafter at a fixed benefit of $1,000, provided this benefit remains in effect. Should the spouse and the member die within 90 days from the same accident, however, the scheduled benefit will be paid.