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Stephen England - Diocesan Altar Server of the Year

Each year the Knights of Columbus awards scholarships to deserving Altar Servers. Last year our council awarded four $500 scholarships to servers at St. Peter. These awards were based on essays that described "What it means to be an Altar Server". After the awards, the Knights take the best and nominates that winner as "The Altar Server of the Year" at our Annual State convention. That winner was Stephen England.

The next step is for the State to nominate winners at the Diocesan level. The first ever Diocesan Level winner form St Peter is Stephen!

Stephen has been an Altar Server for 6 years, his sister has been a server for 12 years. Stephen says that she serves as his inspiration. When not serving, Stephen helps with the Children Liturgy of the Word, as well as the Spanish Mass. Stephen realizes what an honor it is to be in such close proximity to the body of christ.

Congratulations to Stephen!