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Worthy Brothers,

Wow, what a night we had last evening, our final concession volunteer night. I such an idiot, as telling some of you to stay home since I felt we had enough help, given the low attendance predicted and my lousy prediction of a slow food night. I could not have been more wrong, and you guys who I told to stay home, just came anyway. I am sure glad you did. The Mets fans were hungry and were feeling pretty good about life as their team was blowing out the Marlin's 10-0.

So here goes my final Roger Dean volunteer tribute to you all. Frank, reverse the cap-hey you got a mortgage? Baldino, Tony the Quiet Runner Giglio, Larry the Conversationalist Mondorff, Ryan Mr. Clean Bielski, David Energized Dedication O辰onnor, Walter True Grit Sterling and Paul The Leader Davisson, I salute you guys.

To the McGivne, Joe, Nicole and Colin, for valiantly taking control of the all important North POS flank position. Trevor, who I told to stay home as I foolishly thought we had it covered, came over anyway and bailed us out, between kitchen and food reinforcement when we were seriously drowning in Met business. Larry McKay, willing and ready on the bench and Patrick McElhaney who would have been there, but as you will see was busy getting our weekend video ready for action. Out of nowhere, appeared Nicholas Kraus and Agustin Delgado. Your timing was incredible, working the back room with TA the "master" chef, as we had to deal with the complications of burgers, fries and chicken sandwiches/tenders along with our expertise in hotdogs, popcorn and pretzels.

What I learned through our 4 long days game volunteering experience, the money is secondary to working with you all as a team for our common good of Faith, Family, Community and Life. You all are what makes our St Peter Council special.

God Bless,

Ken Kotansky, Proud St Peter GK