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Almost half way there! Nice job brother, proud of you! - John Kotansky

Hi Jeff, just read your blog. Great cause, great effort!! Wishing you nice Fall weather as you walk! - Mark and Deb Lyons

Congrats Jeff! Love your blogs! You should be rewarded for your dedication and willingness to help the kids. Not only $$$ donations, but exposure for the wheelchair needs program. If you were my caddy, you'd walk 500 miles in one day for all the errant shots I'd hit. ha ha. Keep it up! - Kevin & Amy Kotansky

Thanks, Jeff, for all your efforts for this great cause and for our Council. Count me in - Paul D - council

Awesome job, Jeff - we take our mobility for granted, but so many struggle to integrate into society due to their mobility limitations. Kudos to you for raising visibility and $$$s for such a worthy cause. Keep up the great work! Trevor - Council

Thanks Jeff for all your effort. Stay strong, these kids need you.-ken Whaley


Thought you might want to know how your efforts are touching those you may know, and all of those you don't. As of today we have received donations from seventeen (17) different States! That is truly amazing. As you are walking and enjoying the sunrises and sunsets, please know that there are people all over the country who are walking with you. More importantly, we are already making great progress in helping those with no hope. I don't think there is any way I can sufficiently say, "Thank You". The only thing I can say is that you are touching hearts and lives in ways you don't know. God bless you and keep you safe and well. - Dan Moberg-American Wheelchair Misson

Jeff, thanks for leading the charge for us with the Wheel Chair drive. Great cause and I am sure you must be in great shape from all the miles and baggage. Have you ever witnessed a hole in one? - Patrick

Jeff, your Dad just told me about this wonderful philanthropy you're doing. Count me in. I'm mailing a check today.- carry fox


Over the years we have had people do many interesting things to help provide mobility to the poorest of the poor. We have never, however, had anyone walk 500 miles with 50 pounds of equipment on their backs. Those we serve would love to be able to walk along side you. Because of your efforts children will have hope and prayers will be answered by the children their parents, family, friends and teachers. On their behalf, thank you and God bless. - The American Wheelchair Misson

Great job Jeff! Love the cause and really appreciate you thinking of the kids. - DeeDee Eaton

Big Shoulders, Big Heart! - Terry Buckley

What a great cause Jeff. Best of luck as you complete the 500 miles. Kathy & Bob Hutton

Great work Jeff. Keep on walkin' towards your goal! - Jan & Jack Bennett

Jeff- This is a great cause and we wish you much success in this endeavor - Laura Oakley

What a great cause, thanks for putting in all the miles to help out those that need a wheelchair. All the Best! Say Hello to your Mom & Dad for us. - Tim & Ken Z

What a great service. Prayers for good weather. Will think about you as hopefully will have the time this weekend for a walk around Brown's Lake. - Jane Keil

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jeff, as you reach out to help so many others in need. Keep up the GREAT work!! - Rick & Roxanna Chana

So proud of your endeavor to complete this 500 mile trek to help those less fortunate. - Dyann

Great start Jeff. Maybe Fr. Michael J McGivney is with us too with your player almost holing out. When word gest around a saint is with you, more people will be requesting you. Keep the walk going for the kids.. - Ken K.


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