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Mike Cesarano is Knight of the Month!

The Knights of St Peter are recognizing Mike Cesarano for Knight of the Month. Mike and his wife Sue have been a part of the Jupiter community for over 40 years. He was a software engineer with Pratt and Whitney while Sue saw that Jupiter residence recreation needs were met by the Town of Jupiter. Some of her ideas are 30 years running such as the Turtle Trot and the Race for Pine. Together they raised two wonderful daughters and now are proud grandparents of 4.

Mike heads up our usher ministry. Recalling the early days, when Mike started ushering, mass was held at the Jupiter Middle School, and then the Jupiter High School. Eventually, our Sunday worship moved to the “new” St Peter Hall before eventually the St Peter church was built. Sue prompted Mike to start the ushers as an official ministry when it was a few “old guys” handing out a basket. He has been our head usher since the church was built.

Mike is also well known in the Jupiter community, managing the Jupiter Tequesta Athletic Association parade. He started as a JTAA Softball Director in 1983. He was also President of the Athletic Boosters for the High School. The parade, now 46 years running, is known to attract over 3000 people, including our Jupiter Knights who promote Keeping Christ in Christmas. After getting involved as a JTAA helper, he eventually took the reins of the parade management in 1987.

What a great example of the St Peter Knights of Columbus, committed by his actions to his faith, family and community. Congratulation Mike. We are glad you are on our team.

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