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Jeff Kotansky - October 2021 Knight of the Month!

Grand Knight Ken Kotansky (L) presents the award to Jeff Kotansky

Jeff Kotansky is October’s Knight of the Month. Jeff is a new, young member of the council. He is a professional golf caddie by trade. After learning about how the Knights work with the American Wheelchair Mission to supply wheelchairs to the poor, Jeff came up with an idea to bring attention to this global problem. Beginning on Labor Day, he began a 40 day, 500 mile journey as a golf caddie, carrying as much as 50 lbs of golf equipment, averaging almost 12 miles a day. His efforts, supported by the Council’s Wheelchair Sunday initiative has resulted in over $25,000 in donations. This will change the lives of almost 170 kids and their families with a wheelchair that otherwise would not be affordable. The wheelchairs are most likely destined for a Mexico location.

Congratulations Jeff!

Jeff'a recognition for his efforts at Mass can be seen

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