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Pursuing Roots

Council Brothers Joe McGivney and his son Colin are of the same McGivney's as Blessed Father Michael J McGivney, the Beautified founder of the Knights of Columbus. Brother Joe McGivney was alway aware of his famous relation, but really didn't have much of an interest in learning about him. Brother Joe was not a Knight, and had drifted away from the Church. In 2021 Joe experience a miraculous medical cure that changed his life. The event is documented in the Columbian Magazine article that can be found here. Family members had prayed to Father McGivney for Brother Joe's recovery, and the case is now being investigated as a possible miracle attributed to Father McGivney.

The experience has brought Brother Joe McGivney back to the church. He has joined the Knights, and is an active member in our Council. He has also developed a desire to learn more about his famous relative. Brother McGivney and his wife Nicole recently made a trip to New Haven Connecticut, the home Parish of Father McGivney to learn more about him. Above are some interesting pictures from the trip.

Brother Joe was the guest speaker at the Florida State KofC Convention. Picture of Joe and Nicole at the convention are seen below.

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