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June 2023 Insurance Message

When June rolls around a couple of things come to my mind: grilling and graduations. Now these two things don’t seem to have much in common. In fact, some may say they have nothing at all in common. It simply illustrates how amusingly my mind works.

But let me expound a bit on both. Outdoor grilling comes on full force this time of year. Yes, in the warmer climates, there are those that grill all year round. Even in the colder climates, some make a point of outdoor grilling in the coldest of weather. But for most, June starts that season when the grill is often fired up and all the succulent goodness of charbroiled food is readied for the table. Now let me relate that to graduations: I’ve been to many graduation parties and there always seems to be that one person who is the designated grill master. Flipping hamburgers, turning hot dogs, kielbasa, and sausage, and tenderizing vegetables over an open flame for the celebrants.

How’s that for a segue? From grilling to graduations! The end of the school year means graduations. Some, from the lowest educational levels…all the way to the highest. At whatever level you may fall, or your child may fall, I offer hearty congratulations! Graduating may mean moving up one more grade level or for some who are at the end of the educational journey, it might mean a step into a new career. Or maybe advancing in an already established career. Graduating has as a natural consequence, a moving on, taking the next step. Carefully preparing for a career, taking stock of talents and newfound knowledge, thinking of the impact your career may have on your family and the greater community; the graduate is ready!

I think of the work I do with my members and their families in the same way: getting you to graduate at the top of your class; well-prepared, knowledgeable, setting a course with impact for your family. Sitting down with me for a consultation starts the preparation. We can take stock of where you are and any recent changes in your situation with our state of the art financial needs analysis program. The end result is to help make sure you and your family are prepared: Prepared for the expected and the unexpected. The expected might be a comfortable retirement with adequate income to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Being prepared for the unexpected is important, too: an untimely loss, an extended care event, a disability. Understanding the impact of having a strategy now is the first step in preparation.

I’ll be calling soon to set up a time to get together a make sure you’re set to graduate at the top of your class!

Vivat Jesus!


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