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Family of the Month - The Holmstroms.

Rick and Donna Holmstrom - Family of the Month.

Through what you may call fate, Rick and Donna met by chance while participating in choir at St Joseph in Stuart FL, especially considering Rick says he can’t sing and lipped sync to stay in the choir. Yet both Rick and Donna arrived in Florida because of each fathers work related moves. Rick from Cleveland area and Donna, Long Island. Donna father had a choice between Arizona or Florida and Rick’s via a chance Disney opportunity that never materialized.

Once in Florida, around 1977 Rick pursued his father’ career in carpentry building homes. That eventually introduced him the aluminum industry which includes windows and doors. Donna, left Florida State University with intentions of pursuing interior design, but eventually found herself in the business of telecommunications with Bell South and now T-Mobile.

They have one daughter Justine, who was well known for as a mass altar server at St Peter, recognized by some with the best “consecration” bell ringing hands in the parish. Justine is graduating from high school and looking into college options.

Rick has been a loyal Knight and usher for St Peter while Donna has served in other capacities. She can be seen as a regular leading the rosary on Sunday mornings at 7:30. They are also active participants in Cursillo Christianity Movement.

We are very fortunate to have the Holmstrom’s with St Peter and the St Peter Knights of Columbus. Congratulations Rick, Donna and Justine.

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