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David O'Connor - Knight of the Month

The Knights of Columbus would like to recognize David O’Connor as Knight of the Month. David recently transferred to the St Peter Knights from Long Island NY where he was a 4th Degree Knight. He was brought here because of losing his father about a year ago, and most recently in December 2021, his mother.

When David first contacted us, you knew he was special. He was ready to help out anyway he could, as long as it didn’t interfere with his passion for surfing. His desire to be involved was infectious. He worked a Sunday morning Fellowship Breakfast almost from the get go. He worked a full day at a recent Special Olympics event helping prepare over 600 meals. He has been a consistent attendee at the Thursday 6:30 am Men’s Bible study group. He has already signed up to be a part of the Knight’s spring training concessions team and plans to bring his Eucharistic Minister talents to St Peter.

He is very proud of his parent’s Catholic upbringing. His father had worldwide experience with global technology and consulting companies. Which ultimately led his father to helping companies privatize from communist rule. Along this journey, David finished college and discovered a very small, as he would say, marketing company called Red Bull. David became the marketing force for Red Bull in and around the NY area landing some of its largest accounts.

Now he wants to use that same energy at our parish at St Peter. Our congregation and the people we serve are very fortunate to have him on our team.

Again, congratulations David.