Business Meeting Minutes - June 2021

Knights of Columbus Council 13139

Business (General) Meeting

June 15, 2021

Note: Minutes of our Business Meetings are supplied to all members of the council for review and comment. The minutes will not be read at the next regular meeting unless requested by a member. Please direct all corrections and additions to Jim Hildebrand

Recorders Note: This was a “stay at home’ meeting conducted over ZOOM.

  • Pre - Meeting.

  • Officers Roll Call

  • All Officers were present. The Deputy Grand Knight, Chancellor, 1st year Trustee and Recorder positions are open.

  • Minutes -

  • Minutes form the May Business Meeting were approved.

  • Chaplain Report -

  • The meeting was opened and closed with a prayer.

  • The Chaplain would like the council to plan a one day retreat. He envisions a Saturday retreat stating at 8 AM and finishing with 4:30 Mass. The retreat would have a theme, along with guest speakers. The date would be after the parish gets back to normal in September.

  • Guests and Dignitaries

  • The Field Agent was present.

  • Grand Knight Report:

  • Correspondence:

  • No significant Correspondence

  • Report:

  • The GK expressed appreciation to Brothers Trevor McDonald and Patrick Mcelhaney for co-chairing our recent very successful Tootsie Roll drive. We set a one day collection record of over $1700. Distribution of collected funds will be made at a Fellowship Breakfast in the Fall.

  • The GK reported on attending the State Convention;

  • He was impressed by the scope of the Knights and how in the organization, there is a place for everyone to serve.

  • The GK would like to see the council embrace the following quote from the convention “Every morning that we wake up, we are the answer to someones prayer”.

  • GK Vision for 2021-22

  • St Peter has 40 service programs. The GK would like to see us have members in each program in order to be an integral part of the Parish and to encourage others to join the Knights.

  • We need to foster membership. The hispanic parishioners may be an area to pursue. We also need to promote our products, such as insurance, to encourage membership.

  • We need to start aligning our council to support our 4 pillars of Faith, Life, Family and Community. The GK would like to see two officers aligned to each pillar to help foster growth is these areas.

  • Upcoming events

  • Officers Meeting Report

  • We donated $100 to the Youth Group to support their trip to Steubenville. The council will be recognized, along with other sponsors, on the backs of the event T-shirt as appreciation for the donation.

  • Financial Secretary Report:

  • Dues notices will be coming out in the next couple weeks. Dues are due July 1st.

  • Financials

  • revenues ~ $2210 (mostly from the Tootsie Roll drive).

  • expenses ~ $1688 ($1258 is our per capita).

  • In Treasury ~$11,750.00

  • Trustees -

  • The trustees presented a recommended list of officers for the upcoming fraternal year (see election)

  • Deputy Grand Knight and Director Reports:

(* committees are “Faith in Action” activities) .

  • Faith*:

  • Council

  • “Family of the Month” -

  • July - The Deacons of the Parish. This will be done as a resolution. Brother Hildebrand will put something on the council website.

  • “Knight of the Month” -

  • June - Leonardo Busa. We would like to make the presentation during the announcements at one of the Masses that the Chaplain officiates. The Chaplain will ask for permission from Father Don for the presentation.

  • Council Picnic

  • Life*:

  • Family*

  • Community*-

  • Food for Families-

  • Tootsie Roll Drive -

  • JTAA Christmas Parade -

  • Free Throw Competition-

  • Good of the Order:

  • Recruiting/Retention

  • We have a couple of e-members that might be interested in participating in an exemplification to become a full member.

  • Exemplifications

  • Standing Committees

  • Fund Raising -

  • 4th Degree Report -.

  • District Deputy Report .

  • Field Agent Report -

  • Postcards have been sent to members informing them that the Field Agent is performing complementary retirement planning assessments for members.

  • Old Business-

  • New Business -

  • Election- The Trustees’ slate of recommended Officers for the upcoming year ran unopposed and the Officers were elected by unanimous consent. The new officers are: GK - Ken Kotansky; DGK - open; Chancellor - open; Treasurer - Michael McReynolds; Advocate - Patrick Mcelhaney; Recorder - Jim Hildebrand; Warden - Antonio Lippiello; Inside Guard - Ryan Bielski; Outside Guard - PhilipColon: 3 Year Trustee - Mike Cesarano; 2nd year Trustee - Trevor McDonald; 1st Year Trustee - Terry Hood.

  • Motions -

Jim Hildebrand