Business Meeting Minutes - August 2021

Knights of Columbus Council 13139

Business (General) Meeting

August 17, 2021

Note: Minutes of our Business Meetings are supplied to all members of the council for review and comment. The minutes will not be read at the next regular meeting unless requested by a member. Please direct all corrections and additions to Jim Hildebrand

Recorders Note: This was a “stay at home’ meeting conducted over ZOOM.

  • Pre - Meeting.

  • Officers Roll Call

  • All Officers were present except for the Chaplain and 1st and 2nd year Trustees. The Deputy Grand Knight and Chancellor positions are open.

  • Chaplain Report -

  • The meeting was opened and closed with a prayer.

  • Guests and Dignitaries

  • The Field Agent and District Deputy were present.

  • Grand Knight Report:

  • Correspondence:

  • Report:

  • The GK reported on his meeting with Fr D.

  • When asked how we can help- Fr D indicated he needs ushers. (In the pursuing council discussion, Brother Cesarano, parish head usher, indicated he is in pretty good shape. 4:30 Sat Mass may be shy a few people).

  • Fr D is concerned about Covid, Brother Puglise’s family is sick with Coved.

  • Leonardo would like our help managing a refreshment table during theParish Reopening. Brother Mcelhaney will put together a sigh-up sheet that can be posted on the council website.

  • Wheelchair Sunday in support of Jeff’s 500 Miles for Kids is the last weekend in Sept.

  • We will have a two minute video in church

  • Leonardo will make a short presentation

  • Knights will collect donations (and possibly handout something) after masses.

  • Information on the Campaign will be in the Bulletin two weeks prior to Wheelchair Sunday.

  • Brother Hildebrand will put together instructions on how to post our website page concerning the campaign on individual Facebook accounts.

  • Fr. D is OK with starting our Fellowship Breakfast up in October, and in person meetings in Nov.

  • Upcoming events

  • Officers Meeting Report

  • No motions were passed at the Officers Meeting.

  • Financial Secretary Report:

  • Financials

  • revenues ~ $705.00

  • expenses ~ 0

  • In Treasury ~ $13,014

  • Trustees - The 6 month Audit is complete and needs sign-off. Steve Scienzo was suggested.

  • Deputy Grand Knight and Director Reports:

(* committees are “Faith in Action” activities) .


  • Buffet Breakfast -

  • Council

  • “Family of the Month” -

  • “Knight of the Month” -

  • Council Picnic

  • Life*:

  • Family*

  • Community*-

  • Food for Families- Tootsie Roll Drive -

  • JTAA Christmas Parade -

  • Free Throw Competition-

  • Good of the Order:

  • Recruiting/Retention

  • Exemplifications

  • Standing Committees

  • Fund Raising -

  • Roger Dean Stadium -.

  • Jupiter Jubilee -

  • BBQ-

  • 4th Degree Report -

  • District Deputy Report -

  • .There is a NASCAR “Coke 400 Watch Party” to be held at Council 4999 Hall on Sat. Aug 28th. Proceeds to benefit Special Olympics. Donation to Olympics will be made in name of councils attending.

  • Supreme hasn’t accepted our councils “365 Form” (Service Personnel) because members for 5 positions have not been identified..

  • Some e-members have specified our council (discussion indicated that 1 is actually in another council, we have tried reaching out to three with no response).

  • Field Agent Report -

  • KofC now has a new program called Guard, Grow, and Give. Guard is for Insurance programs, Grow is for investment products such as annuities and mutual funds, and Give is for doner advised funds.

  • Old Business -

  • New Business -

  • Motions_

Jim Hildebrand