Knights of Columbus Insurance Update

The world is slowly beginning its return to the way things were - at least as much as it can. It’ll likely be months before we know what normal looks like now. You’ve probably heard the saying attributed to an unsavory (to say the least!) historical figure that “there are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happens.” It certainly feels that way now. We have crammed decades of changes into these last several weeks, and it’s hard to know what change is permanent, and what changes will prove temporary. Not everything is fluid though. I am struck by the resilience of the permanent things - our faith, our fraternity, our families. I’m sure you’ve seen the tremendous ways in which the Knights of Columbus in particular has proven itself equal yet again to this current challenge. Whether it was the establishment of the Leave No Neighbor Behind Initiative, or the launch of the diocesan loan fund, or just the every-day, every-city response of councils across the globe, we have responded as we always do: swiftly, powerfully. Sure we’ve had to cancel some things. We’ve had to have some virtual meetings. We’ve had to stay a safe distance apart. But our distance hasn’t diminished our unity, nor has it changed our impact. I continue to be proud to be a part of this great organization - especially in moments like this. And I know you are too. That’s why, for me, being financially committed to the Knights is such a point of pride. We all need life insurance. We all need to plan for retirement. We all need to think about and prepare for life’s what-ifs. But when it comes time to decide who to make those preparations with, and who to choose to buy those products from, we can choose to spend our money with the company who establishes a multi-million dollar loan funds for Catholic dioceses in their most desperate time of need, or we can go another route. We can choose to buy our insurance from a company who leaves no neighbor behind, or a company who has no real concept of who their neighbor is. We can prepare for our retirement with a company whose members are - once again - setting an example of true Christian charity for all to follow, or we can go in a different direction. I would challenge you, whether you’ve never inquired or its been a long time - to take a fresh look at the Knights of Columbus as a trusted financial partner, and see what products and services we may have that might help you and your family. As we all start to get back to things, I can meet with you in person or by video, whichever you prefer, and we can have stress-free, no-commitment conversation about the possibilities. It’s a way to further your commitment to all that we stand for, and - at the same time - obtain some much needed peace of mind in times like these. I hope we’ll chat soon.

Vivat Jesus!