Nadine Janik Named Family of the Month for November

Nadine was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was a school teacher for 40 years. She has been a widow for seven years now. She was married to her husband, Vinny, for 46 years until his passing in November of 2012 after battling illness for three years.

Nadine has two beautiful daughters, Traci Fichter and Dana Rymarz who have blessed her with four grandchildren. A grandson, Colin Rymarz is an accomplished swimmer. Her other grandson, Jason Fichter is a professional race car driver. She has two granddaughters, Jillian Fichter and Leah Rymarz. Jillian is attending Florida Atlantic University and Leah is in 6th grade at Jupiter Christian School.

After Vinny’s passing, her daughters encouraged her to join the St. Peter Young at Heart Club. She did and has thoroughly enjoyed it. She is always helping Tom Seamon and Donna Koester with club events. In October, the Knights of Columbus at St. Peter asked the Young at Heart Club to consider helping us put together a wreath to honor our veterans for Veteran’s Day. The Young at Heart Club presented us with a beautiful wreath that had been designed and prepared by Nadine.

For her efforts in support of the Young at Heart Club and her efforts in support of the Knights of Columbus Veterans Day Wreath Presentation Ceremony, we thank Nadine Janik and honor her as our Family of the Month for November.

Congratulations, Nadine!