Hannah's Home Update - Work Detail 10/3/2019

At our Regular Meeting of September 17, Betty Wolcott, Resident Coordinator of Hannah’s Home of South Florida visited us to tell us about the mission of Hannah’s Home and how we could help. She brought with her Cristel, one of the residents of Hannah’s Home, and expectant mother. She carried in a car seat, Cyrus, one of the twin brothers of another mother living in the home.

Betty told us that the home allows pregnant mothers to live in the home up to two years after their baby is born. Day care is provided at no charge as the women prepare for their life outside the home. Everyone is assigned chores, but are able to work and go to school during their time there. They must put a portion of their earning aside in preparation for the expenses they will have, such as a down payment for an apartment and working clothes, when they begin their life outside of the home.

The beauty of the home is that all of these mothers have chosen life over the abortion of their baby. The sad news is that they have turned away more than two hundred women because of their capacity.

The home is funded entirely by donations and grants that they earn. They can use donations of any amount, but are in real need of paper products and gift cards from Publix and Walmart.

On Friday, September 27, Past Grand Knight, Bill Sodan and his wife, Tina presented each of the children living with their mothers at Hannah’s Home with custom embroidered bibs that Tina made. They met several of the mothers and their babies and were given a tour of the facility.

The bibs were presented as affirmation that the Knights of Columbus support their decision to keep their babies and to provide them with encouragement. The bibs were presented in a gift box with the inscription, "A gift from St. Peter Council 13139, Knights of Columbus. God Bless you and your child." As new mothers and their babies enter the home, bibs will be presented to them.

The home has begun construction of an on-site Chapel that is being funded by donations. They have long term plans for building a duplex on the grounds that will house mothers who have graduated from the home as kind of a halfway house; proving a transition into life outside the home.

The home is always in needs of some repair and the Knights of Columbus from St. Peter and St. Jude have always been willing to help. Their driveway is in need of patching. While we were there on Friday, we were asked to provide the manpower to patch some of the worst holes. The home has the tools and the patch and just need the manpower.

The council will be conducting a volunteer work detail beginning at 9:30 am on Thursday, October 3. A small work detail will be enough to do this and it shouldn't take much longer than an hour. Please join us at Hannah’s Home, 4390 County Line Drive in Tequesta and help us to make a difference.