Business Meeting Minutes - Sept 2019

Knight of Columbus Council 13139

Business (General) Meeting

September 17, 2019

Note: Minutes of our Business Meetings are supplied to all members of the council for review and comment. The minutes will not be read at the next regular meeting unless requested by a member. Please direct all corrections and additions to Jim Hildebrand

  • Pre - Meeting

  • Betty Wolcott, Residential Coordinator of Hanah’s House, presented information on the shelter for single pregnant young women. Women stay free of charge with all medical expenses covered. During their stay they are encouraged to further their education and develop job skills. They can continue to live in the house for two years after giving birth, and must save 75% of any money earned to develop a nest egg for when they leave. The House excepts donations of money, items, time, and labor.

  • Officers Roll Call

  • All Officers were present except for the Outside Guard, and 3rd Year Trustee who were excused.

  • Chaplain Report -

  • The meeting was opened and closed with a prayer

  • Guests and Dignitaries

  • The Field Agent and Regional Administrator were present.

  • Grand Knight Report:

  • Correspondence:

  • Christine McDonald, the acting Youth Ministers, asked that her request that we “share” a Fellowship Breakfast with the Youth Group be put on hold for the time being.

  • Discussion:

  • The St. Vincent dePaul ministry meeting scheduled for 9/3 was cancelled due to the storm. The GK and DGK plan to attend a future meeting to see if there are opportunities for the council to support the society.

  • We are putting together a timeline for a “Delta” membership drive to present to Father Don.

  • Treasurers Report:

  • ~$15,339 in the Treasury

  • Financial Secretary Report:

  • Financials

  • revenues - $268

  • expenses - $793

  • Trustees - no report

  • Deputy Grand Knight and Director Reports:

(* committees are “Faith in Action” activities) .

  • We are having problems with our website not sending out email notices of upcoming events to members. To overcome the problem, a monthly email with links to the events will be sent to members.

  • We canceled the August Fellowship Breakfast because of Hurricane Dorian. We may add a Breakfast, possibly in July, to make up for the loss.

  • We now have an Information Kiosk that we will set up at events such as the Fellowship Breakfast.

  • Habitat for Humanity is planning some building starts for the Fall in West Palm Beach. The DGK will check into. We have also been asked by Father Don to coordinate Habitat efforts with the parish.

  • We are looking at a Sacramental Gifts program to recognized candidates going through RCIA. First Communion, etc.

  • The DGK would like the council to think of a Social event, possibly attending a concert. One possibility is an upcoming “Rock” concert that benefits Honor Flights.

  • We have been asked by “Miracle House” to conduct a “Baby Bottle” campaign at the parish. Possible dates are 11/9&10, and 1/18&19/2020. This program was recommended to us by Father Don. The DGK will check with Father D to see if the Nov date is open.

  • We have a chance to get the movie “Unplanned”.

  • The DGK distributed a schedule of upcoming events.

  • Faith*:

  • Altar Server Recognition -

  • Seminarian Support -

  • Before Mass Rosary -

  • Buffet Breakfast - Next Breakfast is Oct. 6th.

  • Council

  • “Family of the Month” - The Sheldon Family (August)

  • “Knight of the Month” - Chaplin Wesler (August) and Brother Paul Gurdak (Sept)

  • Council Picnic - to it.

  • Life*:

  • Family*

  • Community*-

  • Tootsie Roll Drive -

  • Good of the Order:

  • Membership/Retention Report - Lou Manz

  • Exemplifications

  • There is a 1st Degree at our council on 10/1.

  • Standing Committees

  • Fund Raising -

  • Roger Dean Stadium -.

  • Coastal Fest -

  • 4th Degree Report -

  • District Deputy Report -

  • Emergency Preparedness Program

  • State is developing a vehicle to deploy to emergencies

  • we need to develop a calling tree

  • First shipment of supplies have gone to the Bahamas.

  • Field Agent Report -

  • September is Insurance Awareness Month

  • Old Business -

  • We do not have the Beer and Wine concession at Fall Fest. We do not know about Coastal Fest or Jupiter Jubilee. We will have to review if purchasing Insurance for these events makes sense. We plan to no longer do at the city’s Friday Night Dances since we can’t afford the insurance, and the city is not willing to cover us.

  • The fraternal year budget has been revised to reflect loss of the Fall Fest funds raiser, and will be submitted to members for review. It will be voted on at the Nov. meeting.

  • New Business -

  • Motions -

  • Motion - Brother Paul Davisson moved and Brother Terry Wood seconded a motion to fund an additional $500 scholarship for the Altar Server Scholarship program. (the scholarship is for an exceptional program entry that was inadvertently overlooked during the initial competition).

Jim Hildebrand