Rev. Fr. Wesler Hilaire Named Knight of the Month for September

This Knight has been a member of the Knights of Columbus for nine years. He entered full Knighthood in January 2019 and became a Fourth Degree Knight of the John Paul II Assembly 3299 in June. He is easily recognizable, as he is at every Council meeting and participates in most of the Council’s events; officiating at our Faith-related events.

He was born in Haiti and was raised and educated as a Catholic. After High School he went to Honduras where he learned Spanish and a year later, he went to the Dominican Republic, where he received his degree in Philosophies from the University of the Company of Jesuits. He was ordained in May 2014. He speaks Creole, French, Spanish and English.

He has been Parochial Vicar here at St. Peter since July of 2018, and has been our Worthy Chaplain since then.

This month he led our Family Prayer Night for Grandparents on September 5 and was recently awarded his Honorary Life Member card for the Fourth Degree.

For his spiritual guidance, dedication, and achievement, we recognize Rev. Fr. Wesler Hilaire as September’s Knight of the Month!

Congratulations, Fr. Wesler!