Business Meeting Minutes - August 2019

Meeting Minutes 9/20/19

Birthline: ProLife Catholic Charity

· Guest Speaker; Catherine Bowers, Program Director

· Counseling and support to choose life

· Serve 3,000 a year in three offices

· Provide 500 free ultrasounds a year

· 10 paid employees and 60+ volunteers

· Requesting help through prayers and financial contributions

Council won the Columbian Award for the 2018/2019 year

Meeting minutes approved as read

Financial Report

· Collected $3,711 mostly dues

· Spent $5,463

o St. Vincent $2,500

o ElS and ARC $1,056

o Other various

· Balance $15,760

38 members remain unpaid, six to be suspended by the end of October if not remedied

Program Director Report

· Need to select Knight and Family of the month

· Complete calendar of the year has been posted on our site and available for connection to google calendars

· Theme for the September Fellowship breakfast will be “Welcome Back”

· Several events in October

o 10/1 First Degree

o 10/26 Parish Picnic

o 10/27 Special needs mass celebrated by Bishop

· Need to identify those in the parish who need help pre storm to support parish outreach

Chancellor Report

· Suggestion to place prospect cards on all tables at Fellowship breakfasts

New Business

· Additional alter server scholarship in the amount of $500 voted on and passed

· $100 donation approved for Deceased parishioner to aid family

· Passed cost support for 200 hamburgers and manpower for the Lady of Guadalupe feast

· Approved $100 donation for special needs luncheon support after mass on 10/27 at St. Paul on the Cross. Lunch is free to attendees

Fourth Degree report

· Meeting is next Tuesday August 27th

District Deputy Report

· A month to month scoreboard for our council was suggested as a way to keep our eye on new enrollment goal

· Need 10 new members to meet recruitment goal, and we are two months behind

· Faith in action playbook could help membership

· Need public relations point person to help communicate recruitment and promote activities of our council

· Raffle tickets on sale. 50% of proceeds remain with the council. Drawing is in May, 2020

Beloved Dead additions

· Julie Ahevans mother (Friend of the order) Mark Wall

· Royal York Knight Bill Sodan

Sick or In Distress additions

· Milton Wickles (Friend of the order) Mark Wall