Winners of the 2019 Altar Servers Scholarship Program.

We have two winners of our 2019 Altar Servers Essay contest. They are Yessenia Rodriguez-Garcia and Justine Holmstrom. The awards were presented to the winners at our June Family Fellowship Breakfast. Yerssenia is pictured next to Grand Knight John Placko, and Justine is next to Father Wesler. Each winner received $500 that will be deposited in Qualified 529 plans for their future educational expenses.

The Altar Server Essay contest is one of the ways the council recognizes the contributions that our Alter Servers make to the Parish. It is open to any active Altar Server, and only requires that the Server fill out application and submit a short essay. A committee then judges the essays using a point system based on criteria important to being an Altar Server.

This year eight Altar Servers applied for the Scholarship. Three of the applicants didn't include an essay and couldn't really be evaluated. We encourage applicants to remember the essay! Honorable Mention Certificates will be presented to the non winning applicants that submitted essays, and Notes of Thanks to the applicants that did not submit an essay. In addition to our winners Yessenia and Justine, Honorable Mentions certificates go to Jenifer Evangel, Janet Rodriguez-Garcia, Denise Marquez: and Notes of Thanks go to Sylvestre Mendoza. Daniel Aguirre, and Yaretzy Jimenez Ramirez.

A big thanks to Brother Lou Manz who chairs this program, and to Brother Mark Mikosz who served of the essay evaluation committee.