The Passing of a Good Friend and Knight

Brother John Puglise with wife Lynne

It is with sadness that I report the passing of our good friend and Brother Knight John Puglise.

The Puglise Family  in happy times.
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Brother Puglise passed away on Thursday, 9/9 due to Covid 19, Kidney failure, and internal bleeding.  John is survived by has wife Lynne and four children

John was an active member in our council and helped out as a cook at the Fellowship Breakfast and parish picnic, and was instrumental at our "Pig Roast".  He and Lynne slow-smoked the meats for the event and directed us in making all of the side dishes.  The BBQ was delicious!

John was a hard worker.  But he was more than that!  John was always happy and had an infectious smile.  Look at the pictures above.  He is always happy, always smiling.     I went through many pictures to find a more solemn one for his thumbnail picture on the home page.   I couldn't find one so we  see a smiling Puglise.   It is also pretty much impossible to find a picture of John alone.  He liked people; he is always with someone and having a good time.  His good nature, and love of people gave him a special energy.  The Fellowship Breakfast kitchen crew would be quietly working away, everyone in their own world until Puglise would come in.  John's booming voice and good natured  humor would suddenly have everyone kidding around and laughing.  John enjoyed taking and giving a little good natured ribbing.   Everyone was happy and having fun.   When John left, things would quiet down again.

John  was easygoing despite encountering adversity in his life.   In 2014 their son Hunter was in  a horrific ATV accident that that left him with only a 10% chance of survival.  He  survived but suffered extreme brain trauma.    John and Lynne, however, never lost their faith and  have worked tirelessly  in Hunters recovery.  Hunter has made phenomenal progress through special fund  raisers, extensive therapy, and aways having him involved in family  activities.  One picture above shows Hunter early on when he was still in a wheel chair, another is more recent with Hunter preparing for graduation.

We will all miss John.  Lets take our Grand Knights suggestion and  devote the balance of our 2021-22 year to be like John around our families, community and brothers.

John's Funeral Mass was conducted on Saturday at 10 AM.  The Mass was very well attended.  Brother Knights participated extensively in the Mass.  Members of the Color Corps escorted the coffin to and from the alter.  A group of over 20 Knights from the council proceeded into and from the church behind the coffin and sat together at the front of the church.  The council also sponsored and hosted a reception in the Parish Hall after the Mass.  



The Color Corps

L-R Brothers John Placko,  Tom Brand, Edward Manak, Bill Sodan, Tony DimMarzo

Video of John's Funeral Mass